Website production Terms and Conditions

The most important condition that enables us to provide such an inexpensive product is that you supply all text copy in readable, orderly form ready to type in (or preferably on floppy disk or email - in either .doc or .txt formats), and all photos and graphics (such as your logo) in a form that can be scanned into a computer - or, even better, as high quality JPEG.

We charge an hourly rate for work done in developing or expanding content or significantly editing the text or graphics. Extra graphics work may be necessary if the material supplied is inadequate for scanning.

All charges assume that you have a business PC with Internet access, and an Internet provider (ISP). If you have no ISP, we can help arrange for you to sign up, but we may charge a small fee for this.

Your website will be hosted either by the ISP or hosting service of your choice. The name registration fee and monthly or annual maintenance and hosting charges are your responsibility and will be billed to you.

After initial agreement on the specification of your site design and content, any significant changes (except for errors found during initial proofreading) will incur a fee for time spent.

The website is optimised to work satisfactorily with the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 and Netscape 6 or later - some functionality may change with later generation browsers and will need to be re-addressed at a later date). Screen design is generally optimised for a screen display of 1080 x 756 pixels, and cannot be guaranteed to look right on every computer, display, or browser. Additional coding setups need to be implimented and tested at extra cost for the Macintosh system and browsers if you require.

Upon completion of the initial site, you will be required to sign an acceptance form agreeing that the site has been built to specifications, and absolving Product FORM of liability for any indirect damage or consequential loss of profit as a result of a range of highly unlikely eventualities.

Payment of 25% of the total bill is required before commencement of the project (non-refundable after that 1/4 of work has been completed) and the next 25% upon completion of Visual Concepts with full and final payment prior to site going online. The site will be loaded on Product Forms server for client approval and when final and full payment is recieved the site will be transfered to the clients server of choice.

The HTML files developed by Product FORM become your property and are available on CDROM at any time after full payment has been made.

However, once such files are delivered to you for purposes other than off-site data backup, such as for further work by another designer, Product FORM no longer has any obligation to further maintain the files, and will charge a fee to restore programming changes made by third parties if you want further work done on the site by Product FORM.

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