Why have a professional website

Is your company a professional entity and does it need to be viewed as such, then your only solution is to have the site designed and developed professionally to maximize the viewing pleasure of your visitors to your company.
Your potential client will judge you instantly by your sites performance and look and will proceed further in their decision to use your services.

Here is an example of what not to do (prepare yourself) : http://www.geocities.com/webtekrocks/

The benefits of a Web site:

  • It is a cost effective medium where you eliminate the hap hazard approach of blanket marketing - you let your potential client come to you to freely view your content and if you wish you let them carry the cost of printed materials via PDF documents they can download at their leisure.
  • The web is a form of just-in-time publishing where changes can be made instantaneously and cost effectively.
  • The web provides you access to a global/national audience.
  • A web site can give you and your users a convenient way of two way communication.
  • The web is an every changing/evolving commodity and so should your business be as well.
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