3D Visualisation

3D has in the past years become a reality for clients due to its radical decrease in software and hardware costs over the last ten years or so - professional results have now become a viable method to visualise Industrial Design, Architecture, television & film production, digital video, web and multimedia.

What can be achieved with 3D visualisation:

  • architectural and interior design visualisation
  • product and packaging visualisation
  • technical and cutaway illustration
  • concept illustration
  • still and animated infographics
  • video and CD title sequences (the flying logo)
  • forensic modeling and animation
  • custom 3D modeling
  • Digital Characterisation
  • broadcast quality animation

Digital graphics:

  • presentation, illustrative and information graphics for digital media - (web site interface, CD's, software interfaces & splash screens, kiosks)
  • images and illustrations for print
  • motion graphics
  • presentation, illustrative and information graphics for print.
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