Why use 3D?
How will it help with your imaging needs.

You need to get some visuals produced of something that will eventually become real - you have these options

  • get an illustrator to draw or paint some visuals
  • get a modelmaker to produce some models
  • photography
  • 3D visualisation

Now these discipline's are all useful to the process but the conventional methods to produce professional results are either time or labour intensive and are limited once they are produced - changes, both minor and major are usually expensive, complicated or have to be reproduced entirely - except for digital 3D visualisation.

With 3D you have the cost effective options to make minor and major changes with relative ease and have the ability to view issues before they manifest into the final production stage - plus the final rendered 3D object can be as photoreal as you need to demonstrate your ideas into something that everyone can understand.

Photography - The lower cost alternative??? Some assignments mean photography is an expensive option - yet a photographic style is required. 3D can be the solution.

Take the product cutaway as an example. The cost (and time, and difficulty) of physically producing the cutaway can be high, add it to the cost of photography and you may well end up with a very expensive solution. Why not do it digitally instead?

Three typical examples might be:

  • Producing virtual product prototypes where visual appeal, functions (both hidden and otherwise) and material choices can be quickly altered and demonstrated before a real world expensive production prototype is made - you can sort issues before they become a restriction to your bottom line.

  • Producing product or packaging illustrations that can be printed in marketing and sales literature - which can then be ready before production starts - not many weeks afterwards!

  • Architectural presentations - users and approvers can actually see what the building will look like - rather than how they imagine it will look like. Combine such an image with conventional site photography and your clients can be presented with a composite illustration of the building 'in-situ' - the ideal before and after presentation.

Digital 3D means you can see the product before you produce it, picture the packaging before you print it and let the client view the building before you build it - all in a very realistic style. It means you can photograph where no photographer can go, look from the impossible viewpoint, and see what yet doesn't exist!

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