3D Gallery

Product Visualisation

3D Digital Product Placement ::.

Imagine your yet unrealised product being able to be shown photo realistically to your potential clients without even having yet produced the real thing.

Test your product before you go to market.

Soft organic Products ::.

3D modeling and rendering doesn't need to be restricted to hard edge objects, truly organic objects can be photo realistically produced to such high detail that you would be hard pressed to question its reality.

No restrictions on the virtual studio sets and lighting - all can be changed quickly to suit your particular needs to demonstrate your product in the best light.

Architectural Illustration

Interiors ::.

With an internal database of furniture your design can have any interior for a prospective project be realised to high quality stills, animations or dynamic virtual tours - with the potential to quickly re-furnish the room to suit your needs and change the floor coverings, wall colours etc.

External Renderings ::.

Real Models are Very expensive to produce and are limited to the impracticality of moving the model from exhibit space to exhibit space - why not have the photo montaged realistic stills, animations and virtual tours conveniently at your clients fingertips with their choice of CD-ROM, Online or more conventionally through printed brochures - imagine the possibilities.

Technical Illustration

Exploded Views ::.

Technical illustration can take you to parts within a product / prototype that would in normal circumstances prove very difficult or expensive technically to shoot.

By utilising 3D modeling it can take you to any where, any function and any view that normally would prove to be unpractical, this can then all be animated to display in motion your ideas to the full.

Experimental Waterjet ::.

Client :. Street Design, Pursuit Dynamics and Carnegie Corporation

The CDROM based presentation was produced for a global audience and was presented as a 5 minute digital video that when combined with animated 3d model instructional cutaways and video footage enabled the company to demonstrate clearly the overall concept to a broad audience.


Virtual Props ::.

'Crackers' is the in-house character for SkyCreative and has been produced to wear various items and do things that no normal pig can do - well not without some digital wizardry.

Client :. SkyCreative

'Crackers' is in constant development so that the client can make full use of this character in various circumstances from print to moving image.


Corporate logo animation ::.

Any company logo can be produced to be utilised for any purpose from film, TV, CDROM and Internet use.

The working files are produced in 3D and can be composited into existing footage but will require final specifications for final rendered output - film utilises the highest motion resolution and works it way down to web based resolution.

Animated Gifs ::.

Web sites still have a need for animated logos, as they give the page a dynamic feel without interfering with the sites content.

Any logo produced for each client will also be custom built to the client so that the animated gif logo cannot be used on another site primarily due to the design being specifically incorporated into the web site design.

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