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Automatic Ironing Machine ::.

This site was designed with the intention of increasing the world wide potential for marketing and further developing the unit.

Brief :.
The site utilised a virtual prototype with animation to effectively get across the units design potential without giving away technologies developed.

Web Link :.

Chic Boxes ::.

An online cost effective shopping system for a company that provides gift boxes - the has increased client confidence and boosted their sales potential.

Brief :.

The site was graphically designed by Steve Penn in conjunction with Product Form. The site includes a simple cost effective* means of online e-commerce and that the site needed to be easily updated# by Chic Boxes

Web Link :.

(*Entry level e-commerce - requires manual handling of payment accounts)
(# included 3 hours of initial training)

Inaugural Mobile Antisalinity Conference with Solutions 2003 ::.

An online resource of the conference with facilities to submit papers and register for the conference

Brief :.
The site needed to create a professional arena that will grow to become a resource for all to see and make changes in the way we treat one of our most precious resources - the land.

Web Link :.


Cardin International ::.

A complete dynamic site for a professional Hair Salon situated in Perth Western Australia that would increase booking potential and consumer awareness.

Brief :.
The site needed to incorporate efficient download times that would include booking forms, a virtual tour of the salon and its proximity within the CBD and purvey the quality establishment and its existing corporate image.

Web Link :. Off-line

Innertone ::.

A simple yet visually effective site for a new emerging Deep House music label in Perth.

Brief :.
Dynamic, visually appealing and simple to use and navigate - The site utilised a Flash audio player/sampler which prevents the tracks from being 'borrowed' buy visitors and could only be heard via the interface using MP3 audio technology.

Web Link :. Off-line

Sunjet Holdings Pty Ltd ::.

A corporate site for an emerging business that supplies refurbished Network and Data communications Hardware.

Brief :.
The original site had a complex and confusing navigation system which was then drastically simplified for visitors without reducing content.

Web Link :. www.sunjet.com.au

TUNL™ ::.

A dynamic broad spectrum website for the web savvy surf generation that also caters to the corporate needs of the client.

Brief :.
The site was designed in conjunction with SkyCreative to fit in with the new corporate Identity that would be relatively fast to download, dynamic and only use the minimal plugin set available for a full cross browser and cross platform Operating System solution.

Web Link :. www.tunlsurf.com

Dynamic VR Online Products

Virtual Products ::.

You have a product that is either not yet ready for production or is complex to demonstrate with just a single image - then an online virtual product maybe your best solution.

This can be achieved with both 3d models or real life objects - the viewer can, without the need for any plugins then grab the object and rotate the view left or right to get a full complete idea of the object.

To get a fully rotational object the solution will require the Quicktime plugin to view the object in its 360x180 degree entirety.

Virtual Multinode Tours ::.

With this technology you can have full 360 degree virtual tours that can take your visitors through complete floor plans and can in corporate either 3d models or photographs which can then be applied to both Internet and CDROM applications. -

Multinode means there are multiple dynamic 360 degree rooms so you can TOUR from one room to the next all via the application.


Interactive CDROM ::.

This was a joint project with Hands on Concepts to produce an interactive learning tool utilising instructional design principles that would make the learning process for able and disabled children both fun and intuitive.

The software was design with the principle context of having being able to work on both PC and Macintosh™ Systems with either a mouse, keyboard or tablet based navigation tools.

Web Link :. www.handsonconcepts.com

Online Smart Media ::.

Flash™ has become one the online worlds most successful plugin technologies in the short history of the Internet - with its ability to download content while playing on the fly and demonstrate complex programming principles without the overly troublesome standard browser programming solutions usually required for full cross platform and browsers compatibility issues.

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