Why use an industrial designer?

A quality Industrial Designer will look into the clients needs, the users needs and combine them into a homogeneous blend of economics, ergonomics, practicality and sophistication that will produce a professional product for an ever more sophisticated market place.

We can help you with the design registration or patent drawings submission to the Patents Office and research whether your product intended or otherwise adheres to Australian Design Standards.

These key factors are what you need to look into using an Industrial Designer and the value adding capabilities of Design.

  • Innovation - Design is often the key practical means by which innovation is focused and realized.
  • Quality - The design production process minimizes variation and defects, to maximize functionality.
  • Productivity - The design and production process can achieve cost efficiencies, waste minimization and just-in-time benefits.
  • Sustainability - The design process can eliminate adverse environmental impacts though effective ecodesign strategies.
  • Global products - This is where design takes into account corporate and national branding which also integrates into the Consumer allegiance factors.
  • Product Differentiation - This is paramount for products that have an existing user base but need to isolate themselves via effective design.
  • Price competitiveness - Design needs to take into account and improve the durability, function and realistically lowering costs.
  • Client Relationships - This is integral into producing great results and the ability to fit into tailored design services for each clients particular needs and budgets.

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