Industrial Design

Innovation, creation, practicality, functionality, beauty, environmental factors and economics = Product excellence

Design can give you the market edge that your product idea needs and requires to successfully stay within the desired market. It is best to come to an Industrial designer at an early pre production stage to ensure maximum intuitive human interaction with the final product and thus can effect some of the form principles at an early stage, but this is not always the case so Product Form will investigate your present needs and effectively blend solutions into your existing structures.

Industrial design has formally been around since the industrial revolution but if you look further it can be traced back to renaissance inventors like Leonardo Da vinci or even further, it was here that they combined the two separate disciplines of ART and SCIENCE to become one. Design involves the skilled integration of intelligence and resources to deliver effective solutions which meet the existing and future requirements of consumers, industry and the national interest for the term of the products life.


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