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welcome to the Industrial design Gallery it is from here that you can view samples of work that best describe the potential and needs for your project.

Design Concepts Visualisation

Room Control concepts ::.

Client :. AdvantageAir

These concepts were presented to the client already built and rendered in 3D to visually demonstrate the construction constraints as well as visualise without compromise the actual look of the units right down the subtle surface treatments.

Plasma Screen Information kiosk ::.

Client :. Mall Information Services

This is the first initial concept produced for the client to demonstrate the design potential of their interactive advertising and information kiosk utilising computer controlled wide screen plasma screens.
Prototypes were, after design modifications then produced and market tested within CBD shopping arcades.

Technical Illustration

Y controller unit ::.

Client :. AdvantageAir

The unit was in pre-production so no actual unit was available for promotion so a instructional video was produced to demonstrate quickly and effectively to installers how to put the unit together without the need for complex written instructions - the stills and animation were also used in trade fares to demonstrate the product to new customers.

Slimline Air Vent ::.

Client :. AdvantageAir

The unit was also produced with the same high level of accuracy from the final production drawings with the same principles in mind for video training and high quality photoreal stills for both trade fair and advertising of the product.

Round Exhaust Vent with Heat Lamp ::.

Client :. Internal project

The unit has been design to fill a gap within the bathroom exhaust market where the product will replace existing round vents that has a sense of style and quality to fit within contemporary bathroom design.

Virtual Products

Experimental Plane Concept ::.

Client :. Internal Project

To view the virtual object click on the image to open the viewer. Image size = 113kb
*note it will take a few seconds to compile the object after download.

Round Exhaust Vent with Heat Lamp ::.

Client :. Internal project

This is an animated version of the object virtual browser that demonstrates the exploded components.
Image size = 140kb
*note it will take a few seconds to compile the object after download.

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